Welcome, we are the art team. We are a group of very enthusiastic and creative people, that will focus on the art and design of this amazing game. In this team we work on, making sketches, concept art, cutscenes and the 3D models. But we also design the art for the interfaces, all the textures and the promotion material. If you want to know more about the members of our team, then you can scroll below to read their profiles.



Hello! I am Jaimy de Kok, a 22 year old student from the UTwente. Normally I study Creative Technology in Enschede, which is a very broad study with subjects from electrical engineering, mathematics, industrial design and computer science. Currently I am doing the minor create a high end game, which is the minor everybody from this game is currently following. I am the art lead, which means I handle the meetings with the other leads and make sure that the art team works smoothly. Next to this I will be working on making the environment and the special effect for the game. I am very excited to work on this amazing game!


integration LEAD

Good morning readers, my name is Robin Hardeman, I’m 21 years young and I am currently studying Communication and Multimedia Design at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen. This semester I will be busy creating a High-End Game for the minor “Create a High-End Game” (wow). I’m proud to be part of this motivated team of Hiraeth in which I’m responsible for the integration and a small part of the art and animation. I spend most of my spare time hanging out with friends and questioning my own existence (if not sleeping).



My name is Sharon Peters, I’m 27 years old living in a small village called Westervoort. I study communication & multimedia design on HAN university of applied sciences doing the profile experience design. Currently I am doing my minor high end game where we focus of working together with a big group of awesome people. I’m one of the members of team Art and responsible for making concept art and the creator of the art of the cutscenes.


texture artist

Hi! I’m Breunie Ploeg, I’m 25 years old and I live town of Lunteren. I study Communication & Multimedia Design with the ‘Content Design’ profile at the HAN in Arnhem. I work on this project for the minor Create a High-End Game and for this I’m mostly working on creating the textures for the models our team creates. I will of course help the other members of my team where I’m needed.



Hi, my name is Rose. I’m 23 years old. Right now im in my fourth year of Communication & Mulitimedia design at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. Before this I started with the study Interaction Design at the RijnIJssel. I’m happy to be in the Art team. Right now i’m mainly focussing on the branding of Hiraeth, like the logo and this website. After all the branding is done, ill work on the environment of Hiraeth. When the game will be in further development, i’m going to specialize in the user interface.



Hello, my name is Ivonne Wanders, a 24 year old Communication and Multimedia design student at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. Before this study I followed the study Spatial Design. Currently I am doing the minor create a high-end game and I am a member of the art team. I’m working on the logo for Hireath and the environment modeling for the game in the program Maya.



Hi! my name is Cana and I’m 23 years old. I live in Hannover, Germany and study Media Design Computing at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Currently, I do my semester abroad and moved to the Netherlands. I take part to create Hiraeth with an awesome group, that is in included in the high-end game minor at HAN University. Through this course I have the opportunity to focus only on the design and modeling of characters. Now I will create the Giant, and will also concentrate and take the challenge to rig all the characters.



Hi! My name is Jasper Peetsma, a 21-year-old guy originally from Friesland, who started studying Creative Technology in Enschede and is now following the Game minor at the HAN. In the project, I am in the Game Art sub group. Within this group, I am a so-called “Creature Designer”. This means I am designing and modelling one of the enemy creatures that are roaming the fantasy world of Hiraeth. I prefer making 3D art, which I do in Maya. I am a member of a fraternity that is part of a student association in Enschede. Of this fraternity, I am currently the Chairman (Praeses).


Phone: (026) 369 19 11
Ruitenberglaan 26,
6826 CC Arnhem