Team Audio is here to enhance your experience with the game to its fullest potential. As a powerful team of three we will create everything you can hear in the game including the soundtrack, the ambience of the environment and sound effects. Angry enemies, local villagers talking amongst themselves, the sounds of the forest and even that memorable tune that gets stuck in your head will come from this department to help you truly get immersed in the world of Hiraeth.  




Hello, my name is Florian. I am 22 years old and I study Communication & Multimedia design at the HAN in Arnhem. All my life I’ve been interested in designing and creating art and music. Ever since I was 8 I have been making music on the guitar. I’ve also been playing video games since I can remember. I am now in the Game Minor where I am working on the audio in the game. I have the role as the lead audio. This means that I make sure everything runs smoothly for the audio team and that everybody gets what they need, when they need it. We will be working hard on making a soundtrack and realistic foley sounds. I’m really excited to be in this team.



Hi, my name’s Mike Koehoorn. I’m 21 years old and study Communication & Multimedia Design at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. At this moment I’m doing the GAME minor, which makes sense to me as I’ve always been interested in games ever since I got my first gameboy at the age of 5 years old. My family has always been into music but I’ve never really done anything with audio; until now, as I’ve joined the audio team. I’m excited to see how we will improve the feel of the game and finally try my hand at making music. During my downtime I enjoy competitive gaming a lot and occasionally make videos.


Audio DesigN

Hey my name is Victor Ypma and I’m one of the Audio designer from the game Hiraeth. With my background in motion design and animation, audio is never far away. For me the process of audio design is one big learning experience that makes me excited to get started and become better everyday. A teacher told me that the audio is 50% of a game, that’s a big responsibility and one i’m happy to take on. My focus will be with the creation of foley sound and sound effects of the game. With my sound I want to immerse the player in the game and make their experience even better. Funfact: Did you know i can speak a little bit Chinese?


Phone: (026) 369 19 11
Ruitenberglaan 26,
6826 CC Arnhem