Hey everyone, greetings from the gameplay team. We consist of 7 dedicated members whom focus on different aspects of game design. From concept, storyline, mechanics to level design, we research and decide how the game will work. We look forward to letting you experience the story of Efa, the main character of Hiraeth.



Hey, I’m Frank! And I’m the creator of the original Hiraeth concept! I love video-editing, filmmaking doing voice-overs and working on challenging projects. Apart from that, the communication within a project is something I truly enjoy aswell! Funfact: A big Dungeons & Dragons nerd who likes doing silly voices.


Gameplay Lead

Owner of two idiot dogs. I’m a hobby artist, photographer and video editor. I oversee and aid the gameplay team. In my free time I am a blanket burrito playing games on the computer or couch, sipping hot chocolate like a pro.


Level Designer

Hi there! My name is Floris and I am the level designer for the game Hiraeth. Designing is something I really like to do, because it’s something where I can fully express my creativity. Aside from designing you can usually find me playing video games and editing videos.


Level designer

I’ve played in 2 different bands. In first one I played drums and in the second one bass. Now I play piano and just started to learn guitar.



I am Koen Keulen 21 years old and I study CMD.
My role in this project is as PR lead, and as a part of the gameplay team.


Storyline writer

I’m a hobby writer, artist and photographer. During this project I’ll oversee and write the storyline and the script. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask.  


Phone: (026) 369 19 11
Ruitenberglaan 26,
6826 CC Arnhem