Roots of Hiraeth

Hey there, folks!

Let me take you back, roughly 8 weeks ago, when this project started and we were asked to create a concept.

Audio! That’s what I was thinking when I was brainstorming about the concept of my game! I am, and even then was, fascinated by breathtaking soundtracks that render a game even more alive. I’d look up a few amazing soundtracks, point at them in excitement and be like “I want that! But then my own creation!”

And thus, I asked the teacher how I could lay an emphasis on music and sound, because I knew that my 3D and programming skills couldn’t be relied on. “What about a game without a screen?” the teacher suggested me. And although the idea itself was pretty amazing, it just didn’t feel right. For a few days I struggled with the ideas for my game and a few words resonated through my mind; if I wanted to win the pitches, I had to make the game appealing.

I started thinking of a narrative, one that would compel the player and would provide a sense of awesomeness and strength. Pretty early on it became clear to me that I wanted to play with the idea of feeling powerless and growing to become more powerful. I had experience with world building and knew it’d be my only strong suit compared to my lack of programming, modelling and unity knowledge. After I decided on a core of gameplay, I started to think about the game. Compared to many of the other students, I started with a story and the gameplay came after that, instead of the other way around.

If I would win the pitches, I wanted my future company members to add to the core of my concept and not feel restricted in what they could think of and what not. I decided that I’d leave my actual gameplay mechanics to a minimal so that the amount of input from the others would be big.

For once in my high school career, I thought that this was the time I’d ditch my old workflow, going all out and trying to win the pitches. I started making concept art and setting up a trailer to hopefully blow the audience away during the pitches, going the extra mile to make it stand out even more.

Then the day of the pitches arrived, around twenty people lined up to present their concepts, me being one of them. All of the pitches were interesting but then it was my turn! I presented the trailer and the story of the game and hoped that I’d draw the people in and make them intrigued by my concept. The voting happened and to my surprise, Hiraeth stood out. Almost everyone wanted to join the team of Hiraeth and I got more excited by every single vote.

I won the pitches! Something I had only secretly hoped for. And now, as I write this, I look over a fantastic team full of amazingly creative and skillful people, ambitious team leaders and a fantastic project to look forward to! 


Phone: (026) 369 19 11
Ruitenberglaan 26,
6826 CC Arnhem