The start of something great

Hello there!

I am Jaimy, the art lead for the amazing game that is called hiraeth. Today I wanted to tell you something about the work we have done in the first weeks and show some of our amazing concept art.

Everyone that is working on this project is very excited to work on this amazing game concept though up by Frank. This meant that we started a week earlier then we would have to. Frank already had some ideas for how things should look but still gave us the freedom to change somethings about it in discussion with the Gameplay team.

The first thing the art team had to do was draw, a lot. Because you can not just start making models without thinking what it should look like and if it would fit into the game. Everybody was drawing and drawing, which resulted in some amazing sketches from the team. From the background for the website to one of the first drawings of the character.


The art team worked faster than expected and in no time people were already making the early versions of the models. Some simple models were made for the first version of the game to get it to look just a little more interesting.


I hope you enjoyed our early artwork.
We will keep you up to date via our website and the different social media platforms.


Phone: (026) 369 19 11
Ruitenberglaan 26,
6826 CC Arnhem